A Personal Reflection on Logres and The Matter of Britain by Stephen Winter

This week’s post on the series on The Inklings and King Arthur is by me. It is an attempt to link the wisdom of the Inklings, the Matter of Britain and the current state of my country and of Europe. I would love to engage in conversation with anyone who wants to discuss this so please read and comment.
You may notice a reference to a poet, priest and scholar who refers to Jesus as “Our True Strider”. This is in fact, Malcolm Guite, who contributed the wonderful concluding essay to the book, The Inklings and King Arthur. Glad to make that correction!

A Pilgrim in Narnia

Having sent out the call for papers, it is delightful to be more a ‘receiving’ than a ‘commissioning editor’, discovering what serendipities Providence supplies. We began last week with Suzanne Bray’s illuminating study of ‘Post-Inklings’ Arthurian fiction of as recently as twenty years ago – in the context of an argument around a century older, and the contributions to it of the first Inkling Arthurian novelist, Charles Williams. Now, Stephen Winter complements this by taking us back to the last Arthurian novel by an Inkling, C.S. Lewis’s The Hideous Strength, to show how one of its most striking features addresses our contemporary situation even more forcefully than it did Lewis’s own, when he wrote it seventy-four years ago. Join us, to contemplate “our haunting”.

David Llewellyn Dodds, Guest Editor

It may feel, for the inhabitants of the British Isles, that recent years have been particularly unsettled. The referendum…

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2 thoughts on “A Personal Reflection on Logres and The Matter of Britain by Stephen Winter

  1. Love the picture. I will have to wait to read this until I am done with THS to avoid any possible spoilers. I already knew N.I.C.E. was not nice before even starting, but it is chilling and frightening how calmly Featherstone spoke to Mark of its goals, just the same as the Nazis and Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Scary this is just as topical now as it was then. Jane is about to come to St. Anne’s, that’s as far as I’ve got so far. God help us all!

    Namarie, God bless, Anne Marie 🙂

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