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Back in 1988 I was ordained a minister in the Church of England in Birmingham, England. The very next day I attended a meeting of clergy from parishes in the city centre and the speaker was the Dean of Education at Birmingham University, Professor John Hull. He spoke of a meeting between the University Vice Chancellor and the Faculty Deans. He told us that the Vice Chancellor had informed the Deans that the only word in the University that had any meaning any longer was money. On the way out of the meeting a colleague took him aside. “You’re a Christian,” he said. “I want to come to church with you this Sunday. After that meeting I feel dirty.” For the rest of his life John made sure that people would know that a witness to Christ meant a denial of the Money God.
Please read this fine appreciation of this passionate disciple of Christ. Delight too in the wonderful poem by e.e cummings . Rest in peace, John, and Rise in glory.

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A couple of days ago I went to the Funeral of my friend John Hull.

Here are a scattering of memories and reflections in tribute.


Over the last couple of decades, John has been a real friend and someone who has pushed my thinking and my action.  I first met him when I was a new Curate.  One of the first things I had to do was help develop and run a Confirmation Course; it had to be good – two of John’s boys were on it; we were teaching the children of the Professor of Religious Education.  Since then, we have met regularly for lunches where we have drunk red wine, laughed outrageously, asked very good and penetrating questions, put work and plans under scrutiny.  John helped me a lot when I was asked to be Chaplain with Deaf People and I was new and trying not to blunder…

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