Christmas Carolling, Dickens, and Home Alone

Sarah really “gets it” in my view in her reflection on the mythology of Christmas evoked in “A Christmas Carol” and as she discusses, “Home Alone” as well. I hope you enjoy this piece as I have and become a regular visitor to her excellent site.

Shakin' Speareans

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year..” Is still ringing in my ears after a quick trip to Sainsbury’s on Saturday where I witnessed (I kid you not) my first fight over the last frozen turkey in stock, that can mean only one thing, it’s Christmas time again. But Turkey-fights aside I wonder – over the Christmas period – whether we have a staple literary call card, a book we always read, or even a movie we always watch, to “get us in the mood”. I am willing to bet at least a hundred brussel sprouts that for many that might be a Dickens number, yep that classic A Christmas Carol which first hit the seasonal scene back in 1843.

Manuscript of the opening stave of A Christmas Carol

At Christmas time today it seems many of us, perhaps unwittingly (though less so for the Dickens scholars I’m sure…

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