Eowyn of Rohan: a Call for Guestblogs

Many thanks to those who have offered to offered to write material on the story of Eowyn of Rohan. I can now say that a season on Eowyn will begin in the week of July 25th and will run through August. There is still time to send me your material. Please read my original blog post below for more details on how to take part. I am excited about this opportunity to reflect on Eowyn’s story and I hope that many will share in it as writers, commentators and readers.

Wisdom from The Lord of the Rings

During the life of this Blog that is a slow and careful reading of J.R.R  Tolkien’s  The Lord of the Rings and my own reflections upon the story, the characters and the great themes of the book, one character has inspired many comments from readers and that is Eowyn of Rohan.

Over the years many have criticised Tolkien for what they have perceived as his “male centred” story. One might argue that Eowyn, herself, demands the attention of the men in her world. We don’t know about the women as I cannot call to mind a single interaction between Eowyn and any other woman in the story. Perhaps that is something a reader might like to reflect upon.

For a number of years now I have been wrestling with what constitutes an authentic male spiritual journey to true maturity. The Lord of the Rings has helped me greatly with…

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10 thoughts on “Eowyn of Rohan: a Call for Guestblogs

  1. Very interesting. 🙂 Cheers Stephen! I hope to read it. Also, I trust that you will keep her character faithful to the book, and enrich the Legendarium. 🙂

    • Many thanks for leaving this comment. It’s great to hear from you. I hope that we will keep the character of Eowyn faithful to the way Tolkien tells the story. That has always been my intention in writing this blog. I don’t think that Peter Jackson needs bloggers to fight the corner of his films. They are popular enough already. I really look forward to reading any comments from you and if decide to make a contribution towards the series that would be great.

  2. Cool idea! Eowyn is one of my favorite characters – actually my favorite female character and my second favorite character in the series (Frodo and Sam together holding the spot for first).

    • For me she has been one of my biggest discoveries while writing this blog. A lot of people have criticised Tolkien for not being able to create female characters. They really have not looked at Eowyn. She is both strong and yet vulnerable and incredibly attractive. No man stands a chance with her unless he has greatness in him and yet she is not one of those women who look for a powerful man to make up for their own inadequacy. She looks for a strong man who will be a match for her own strength. What a partnership that makes!
      You have introduced this old man to the genre of fan fiction. If you have written anything on Eowyn I would love to include it. If you can make it around 600-800 words that would be best but if it needs to be longer then that’s fine too.

      • I have a story that was written on request on what would have happened if Eowyn and Aragorn had ended up together, but if you have any requests please let me know and I will comply!

      • That would be great! I think there will be many comments. Don’t forget to include some details about yourself and especially how readers can find your work. Not that you probably need my help on that one!

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